Renova Group of companies is a leading, international, private business group that consists of asset management companies and direct and portfolio investment funds owning and managing assets in metals mining, oil, machine building, mining, construction development, energy, telecommunications, nanotechnologies, utilities and financial sector in Russia and abroad.

Renova Group is a stakeholder and strategic investor in the leading Russian and international companies, including such world class companies as UC Rusal, Integrated Energy Systems, Oerlikon, Sulzer and SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH. Renova Group integrated direct investment funds and management companies operating in the energy sector (IES, Avelar Energy), real estate development (KORTROS), portfolio investments (Columbus Nova), telecommunications (Akado Group), chemical industry (Orgsyntes Group) and precious metals (Zoloto Kamchatki).

Renova Group invests in Russia, Switzerland, Italy, South Africa, Ukraine, Latvia, Kirghizia, Mongolia and other countries.  The strategy of Renova Group is targeted at the acquisition of assets in industries with a significant growth and consolidation potential.

Investor Relations

Information on the public takeover offer of Venetos Holding AG for all publicly held shares of SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH AG.


Avelar Energy Group, a subsidiary of Renova, has signed an agreement with Germany's Schneider Electric on the localization of equipment production in Russia for solar power stations.

Skolkovo Foundation Address of the chairman of the board of directors V. Vekselberg