Hevel, Hyundai and Far East to Build Solar-Diesel Power Plants in Asia (Business and Financial Times)

Hevel Group, Korean company Hyundai Corporation and Far East Investment and Export Agency have signed trilateral cooperation agreement in the framework of the Far Eastern Federal District hard-to-reach territories power supply projects. Construction of hybrid distributed generation will enable to complete the government-set high-priority task to provide the population of the Far East isolated and stand-alone areas with uninterruptable and reliable power supply using solar energy. According to Hevel, construction of hybrid solar-diesel electric power plants with 40 MW total capacity will be the subject of such cooperation. Hevel Group and Hyundai Corporation will develop engineering designs and raise funds raising aided by the Agency.

Separately, Hevel announced at the same day, the Republic of Tyva Government and Hevel Group concluded agreement on cooperation in power supply of isolated localities of the Republic of Tyva in southern Siberia, through construction of stand-alone hybrid solar-based power plants. The agreement was signed by Sholban Kara-ool, Head of the Republic of Tyva and Igor Shakhray, Hevel Group CEO. The agreement provides for construction of hybrid solar-diesel electric power plants of 1.6 MW total capacity. For implementation of the project, the company plans to deliver high-efficiency solar modules, produced at its own factory in city of Novocheboksarsk. The Republic of Tyva Government in its turn will provide informational and organizational support of the project.

Hevel Group was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between Russian Renova Group and integrated solar power company JSC Rusnano. The company has a production facility for solar PV modules in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic), a development unit that designs and constructs solar power plants with a portfolio of projects for the coming years in excess of 364 MW, furthermore a Science and Technology Center in St. Petersburg.

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