Hevel may start to export solar panels in 2018 (PRIME)

Rusnano CEO: Hevel may start to export solar panels in 2018

ABU DHABI, Jan 15 (PRIME) -- Hevel, a joint venture of multi-industry holding Renova Group and state nanotechnology company Rusnano, may start exports of solar panels in 2018, Rusnano CEO Anatoly Chubais told PRIME on January 13.

It is absolutely clear that we are able to start exports, and we will start serious export supplies of our solar panels in 2018, he said.

Chubais also said that Rusnano expects a program of modernization of electric power plants for the development of electric power based on renewable energy sources.

We will not just take part in the development of green energy concerning electric power plants, we are initiators of this presidential order. Russia has a scheme of capacity supply agreements for financing new investments. And agreements that were created by us during the power reform, 10-year, are terminating now, and there is question whether to repeat them for the next 10 years and if to repeat on what goals they should be aimed, he said.

The final decision of the presidential meeting it is necessary to repeat them, the second stage of these agreements, they can be modified. They should be allocated for several goals And renewable energy is one of the goals, Chubais said.

Rusnano will file bids both for solar and wind power at a tender to choose renewable energy projects in 2018, he also said.

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