Message of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renova Group Victor F. Vekselberg

Thank you for your interest in Renova Group of companies. Today, we are the leading private business group interested in many industries. The strategic ones for us, however, are oil and metallurgy, energy and development, telecommunications and nanotechnologies. We see long-term development perspectives in these areas, and this is where we have been building business founded on our experience. We are making an active access to the global market; we strike up new alliances and partnerships with leading international corporations while still remaining a Russia-based company. Renova Groups investments and major business assets operate in Russia and contribute to the development of technologies and industry in this country. We invest into social projects and participate in a Public Private Partnership while being an active charity contributor. Our corporate philosophy is based on business ethics and reliability principles; we are a result-oriented and resolute investor. Renova Group has a highly professional and efficient team. Our common effort, skills and professional ambition help us achieve the results we take pride it. We are based on the experience and knowledge that we have, and we believe in ourselves and the success of our own effort.
Kind regards,
Victor F. Vekselberg